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Not Receiving SMS from Verizon, Horrible Customer Service


Not Receiving SMS from Verizon, Horrible Customer Service

I'm still blown away by the offensive, unprofessional customer service I experienced on the phone yesterday.

Three weeks ago I noticed I wasn't receiving text messages from Verizon cell phones. I called and their technician said that Sprint is aware of the problem, had me do an 'update' on my phone and said it should be fixed. A week later I called back because the problem persisted. This time the technician said that he sees why the problem wasn't fixed and claimed to have fixed it. A week later, a family emergency happened and I was the last to find out about it because I was STILL not receiving text messages from Verizon phones.

I called Sprint on Monday to demand the cancelation of my account. I explained the situation to the first Sprint rep, who escalated the call. I had to explain the situation to the second person. She explained that I'd have to pay the ETF in order to cancel. I explained that when I signed the contract, it included SMS functionality, and when I needed it most and for the last 3 weeks I have had no SMS functionality to my friends and family. As far as I'm concerned, that's a breach of contract. The rep said that they'd transfer me to a manager. Instead I was disconnected.

I called back, again had to explain the situation to the first level, again had to explain to the second-level rep, and then to a manager. The manager said he'd call me back the following day between 5 and 6pm with a resolution.

The next day, 7:30pm, still no call from Sprint. I called them, explained my situation to the first level, explained it to the second level. This rep was interesting. When I explained about the family emergency, she said "Hm, you'd think you'd call instead of text for something like that." I let it slide. She said she'd connect me to a manager.

I explained my situation, AGAIN. He apologized and said he'd be glad to cancel me, all I'd have to do is pay the ETF. I told him that I'm not receiving messages, haven't been receiving messages despite two calls to tech support who said they'd fixed the problem, and didn't receive a text at a crucial time. I also briefed on my customer experience thus far. He put me on hold. The conversation after went something like this:

Jeffrey: "It looks like there's a CDMA tower down, so it's a Verizon issue. You may want to have your friends call Verizon. Your device is sending and receiving messages so it's not our issue."

Me: "Where is the tower? How long has it been down for?"

Jeffrey: "We don't have that information, we just know that there's a CDMA tower down."

Me: "So since there's a tower down somewhere, that's been down for who knows how long, it means that my problem isn't Sprint's problem? Why didn't the tech mention a tower issue three weeks ago?"

Jeffrey (raising his voice😞 "This issue is resolved."

Me: "That's unacceptable, please transfer me to someone who can help."

Jeffrey: "Absolutely not. This issue is resolved."

Me: "Ok, what's your name?"

Jeffrey: "Jeffrey."

Me: "Last name?"

Jeffrey: "I'm not telling you that."

Me: "Why?"

Jeffrey: "Because I don't know you. We're done here. I'll give you the transaction number."

To summerize:

  • I've been unable to receive VZW text messages for three weeks.
  • Two different techs said they are aware of the issue and it should be fixed. They mentioned nothing about a Verizon tower.
  • After a disasterous situation, I called to cancel.
  • I had to explain my situation EIGHT different times.
  • One manager promised a call back. I never received a call.
  • Another yelled that the issue is resolved as far as he's concerned, refused to transfer me to someone who could help, insisted that my problem is resolved, and refused to give me a last name.

I cannot believe that a company as large as Sprint would offer such horrific customer service.


Re: Not Receiving SMS from Verizon, Horrible Customer Service

I have had the same issue for about the same amount of time. I feel your pain. My daughter has verizon and we've had to use MMS/email to go back and forth. She gets my SMS but I don't get hers. I've been working/testing with a Sprint techie for the last few days. No luck though. But this techies attitude (RC1024) has been GREAT!! I think this person really cares and is trying to do a good job. I actually had a second techie (techsavvy101)  reconnect with me today after being out of pocket for days. Sprint needs more people like these two. I hope Sprint mgmt is monitoring these threads. If so, get more folks like the above mentioned. This issue is very frustrating. I'm concerned if I will receive Emergency Alert Messages from my youngest daughters Charter School which are sent as SMS. The same for Weather/Sherriff Alerts. I live not far from Charlotte NC, which did have a tornado a few days ago but NWS did not issue an alert. So in short, Will I receive emergency alerts.....?? I do get tired of beating the same horse.


Re: Not Receiving SMS from Verizon, Horrible Customer Service

Thanks for the reply. I've also advised my family to use email, which is archaic, but works.

What bothered me was the insolence in this particular manager's voice, and his insistence that it's not Sprint's problem. I don't blame the tech's for my problem, but my problem has persisted for three weeks and during a time when it was crucial to have SMS for communication. Instead of acknowledging the problem they pointed their finger at Verizon to avoid having to waive my ETF.


Re: Not Receiving SMS from Verizon, Horrible Customer Service

To follow-up, still no email reply from Sprint, nor a reply to this thread. My wife called today and again, Sprint's advice was to have my friends and family call Verizon.


Re: Not Receiving SMS from Verizon, Horrible Customer Service

I just solved the least for my particular case.

We were having the same issues. My sister-in-law also just got a new Verizon phone. My wife and I both have Sprint EVOs. For whatever reason, now texts from my sister-in-law were getting through to my wife's phone, but texts to my phone were failing.

I finally got an opportunity to look at my sister-in-law's phone and i figured out the problem and the solution, at least for this particular situation.

Her phone had synced all her contacts from Facebook on her phone and she was using those contacts to text from.

My wife's Facebook lists her number a XXX-XXX-XXXX (area code and the 7 digit number). But on my phone, my Facebook lists my number as 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX (the country code, area code and the 7 digit number).

I tried texting myself from her phone by manually inputting my number, and bingo, it goes through to my phone just fine. I looked at all her other failed text messages and they all have the 1 country code added.

So the fix, at least for us, is for my sister-in-law to fix her address book. So the problem seemed to neither have been Sprint nor Verizon -- it was Facebook.

For people with Verizon phones who are having this issue, take a look the number it's texting to and see if the country code has been added. Or try manually entering the ph


Re: Not Receiving SMS from Verizon, Horrible Customer Service

I could not agree more. This is ridiculous i bought my iphone 4s tuesday, imediatly found out that i couldnt not recieve texts from tmobile and verizon carriers. Called sprint, talked to a rep who was supposingly was going to put a ticket for my claim and get it resolved. Sounds fair i asked how long and i was told 24-72 hours max and your ticket will be worked on. Once again fair enough. Next day i call just to see if any progress has been made, to fid out the first rep decided not put any ticket and completly lied to me. So i made another ticket and was told the same 24-72 hours. 2 days go by now its friday which if i may add would be the day my ticket would be answered but the rep denied me that. I called to check the progress and was told that the phone should be working that night or saturday the latest. Awsome i get off work at 3, and to still no avail i could not recieve texts from these carriers. I call and after talking on the phone for 40 mins and to be continusly told there still waiting on the ticket, it became a little ridiulous. I asked to speak to a supervisor, i cant recall his name but he was in no way helpful, he was very rude, wouldnt even listen to what i said just keep reapeting the same bs about this ticket. Then decided to tell me that the ticket wont be looked at till monday! Monday!? That is ridicolous i pay 300 dollars for a b rand new phone and plan and have a rude "supervisor" not even giving a word of help and now telling me that im going to be waiting not 3 from friday. but 6 all the way till monday? He then had the audicity to hang up on me after it took me 20 mintues to even get in contact with him.

I called back after relaxing and immediatly asked for a supervisor who in change was very helpfully. Hooked me up right to a technican who finally went through the basic, resets and such which no one decided would be a even idea. Even thought it didnt work i was appolled of how differnt the additude between the employess were. She then said that shes sorry but they have to let a engineering fix it when he gets the ticket. I said ok and hung up. 5 minutes later sprint calls saying there looking at my ticket right now, its supposed to be a routing issue and it will be solved as soon as they talk to verizon and tmobile and update the routing information. So hopefully tomarrow ill wake up to some good new ors by monday this will be gettin returned and canceled under the 14 day return policy


Re: Not Receiving SMS from Verizon, Horrible Customer Service

been having the same issue for quite a while now as well..but its missed texts both ways...she doesnt recieve mine or vise versa..its also hit and miss...more miss than anything

and yah..RC and tech are great guys. theres quite a few in these forums that are pretty top notch when it comes down to issues.

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

Re: Not Receiving SMS from Verizon, Horrible Customer Service

To give an update, I ended up leaving Sprint.

They eventually replied and asked me to call the escalation number. I got passed around some more, having to explain my situation over and over. I was trying to express my frustration with the customer service I was receiving, and the fact that I was yelled at by a manager, but everyone kept getting stuck on "not receiving SMS" so I ended up talking to a tech instead of a retention manager.

After over an hour on the phone, I got the account retention department. The manager was unwilling to cancel my account without paying the ETF, despite having to explain my situation literaly 23 different times, getting yelled at by a manager, being promised a call from another manager and never receiving it, not being able to communicate via SMS with my family/friends for almost four weeks. I was able to sell my iPhone and HTC phones back to them to cover the cost of the ETF.

If you guys are in the same boat and can't swing the Early Termination Fee, consider using the Buy Back Program to help reduce the cost. After the cell service and customer service, I'm thrilled to be with another company.

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