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Not getting text messages from just one person whom I got them from before?


Not getting text messages from just one person whom I got them from before?

On the 6th around 5:36pm I got a text message from my boyfriend who lives in Florida in the 33015 area and after that I didn't hear from him.  I texted him all evening and didn't hear a thing from him.  When he'd finally gotten a chance to call me he told me he got all my messages and responded to them all.  I didn't get a single one of his responses.  Yesterday I didn't get any messages from him either even though he did send them.  I've been texting him for years so this is not a new thing to be texting him.  I had him text my sister who is on the same plan and lives in the same house as me and it came through just fine.  I updated everything on my LG Rumor Touch phone.  I took out the battery for a few minutes as well.  I don't understand why suddenly I can't get his text messages when before, as in a few minutes beforehand, I could.  I can get messages from others in my contacts list, he's the only one that I don't get them from.  We've been having issues lately where our messages are delayed by a couple of minutes to a couple of hours.  He wondered if it was his Iphone with AT&T but now I'm starting to think it wasn't his phone that was the problem.  Any information you can give me on this would be great.  I thought perhaps the network being down in Florida may be affecting his messages not getting through, but my sister got the message he sent to her phone.  Her and I got our phones on the same day so wouldn't we be on the same server/database?  So why would she get the message but I don't?  Is it possible his messages are going through another server somehow?  I read somewhere on the forums that that had happened to someone who suddenly stopped getting their messages.  Is that possible to happen?  Can it be checked on?  I'll be honest, this has me beyond frustrated and I hope someone here can give me some information on this.  Thank you in advance.


Re: Not getting text messages from just one person whom I got them from before?

I would be glad to look into this. Please private message me and once I get your message, I will reply back to get more information from you.



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