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Ogden Outage


Ogden Outage

Sprint is seriously ridiculous for all the customers in the Ogden area they should have at least given us a warning that there was going to be an outage in our area. Instead they try giving us credits which is fine but that dsoes not solve my issue still. This problem with my 3G service is ridiulous I am tired of dealing with this they did three resets to my account and after the second one it seemed to wok after the third my service got worse and couldn't even do something as small as accessing my email or open any apps. After this I am switching carries and going through another company this is ridiculous and this has been going on for two weeks now and I have been very patient. I am tired of waiting for this issue to get fixed and it is not. It's not my problem Sprint knowingly knew there was gonna be crappy service and not let there customers know about it. After this I am done with Sprint.

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