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On Roam, No Service, No Texting, Voicemail 15 days later...Nice Sprint..The "NOW" Network..HAHAHA


On Roam, No Service, No Texting, Voicemail 15 days later...Nice Sprint..The "NOW" Network..HAHAHA

So its been 2 months now in chicagoland, no service, only on roam and when on roam I can not get calls incoming. Why? Because Sprint is what it is...JUNK! I have started calling before May 15th, they said it whould be fixed by May 15th, May 16th still crappy service...nothing changed, called again, got a $50.00 credit and waas told it would be fixed on May 25th. May 26th nothing changes, called again got a $25.00 credit. Gee Thanks but I still can not call, use my over priced data, or text without an error message....Called today after I have filed a complaint with the FCC and the BBB. I was told a "manager" would call me back at home, because  can not get service on my cell phone, to resolve the issue. well 5 hours later and no phone call! Thanks for the credit, but I want out of a contract that does not provide service and I feel i should not haveto pay for something i do not have. I have searched all over the Forum page and I see Chicagoland is not the only area with the "down towers". The sad thing is Sprint wants the customers but  they do not want them to have service. The sad thing is they can not keep up with the demand on their towers nor supply 3G let alone 4G that I have be paying for the last year and I do not understand how they can say the are #1 iun customer service when they can not keep the customers happy. I am one of a few thousand that are not happy at this point. I was told I could buy out my contract at a discounted rate. All I want is out of a contract. I am sick and tired of the run around and being told when it will be up and running correctly. Now I hear July. July of what year?  So to you Sprint you are not the "NOW" network that your customer service rep had never been told that is what the advertisments say, you are the "Never" network. It never works. Kudos to all of you who have gotten out of their contract one way or the other. After being a long time customer, went from Nextel to Sprint merger when the service was bad, that got worse so I bought out of 2 contracts at $300.00 and paid the last month bill at $189, then went to ATT. That was another mistake, 2 years laterI think Sprint will be better, so here I a contract with no service to call anyone, when I do have servie it take 6  or more phone calls to get the sentence out, I can not text because the error message say data busy, radio interference, network busy and to use the data well that is turtle speed. So I feel you have gotten enough of my money when my stupid a** can back to the worlds worse cell service. I am not buy out you contract. You can take it and stick it. I am happy your customer service reps do their jobs and read off of the "book" in front of them and do nothing to save their reputation as #1 in service and the Now network. I have had enough....At least you could pretend to give a crap about your customers, but you don't.

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