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Outage Area?


Outage Area?

I was wondering if there was some sort of outage in the New Brunswick, NJ area. I usually have reception here but ever since Sunday night I barely get signal. I wanted to know if the problem is going to get fixed soon. Thanks!


Outage Area?

Hello and thank you for reporting this issue.  I googled your town in NJ and came up with 08901 as a zip code.  We have had some issues with towers in that area for the last week or so, however, all service alerts dealing with voice and signal have been closed as of 11/7/11.  We still have an open Service Alert for 3G browsing that encompasses a larger portion of the New England area that is currently being worked by Network teams.  If you'd like to post an address that's not your own but near your location, we can look a little closer at the network health of your location. 


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