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Outage in 54115 - need update on ticket please


Outage in 54115 - need update on ticket please

Last week, I had 3 days of no or very poor service.  I called and reported it and was told there was open ticket.    It was good for a few days and then went bad again.  I called 2 days ago and they opened ticket # 19013790-120305.  They were to call me back with update in 24-48 hrs but no calls or voicemails.    Last 4 days no service in 54115.  Calls sometimes go through but they cant hear me - I break up.  Most calls to me I dont see - only get the voicemail.

We have 3 Sprint phones all are poor service now and NO LAND LINE.   Can someone please help me get an update on when our service will be restored?   This is extremely frustrating.  Thank you so much.


Re: Outage in 54115 - need update on ticket please

Ticket 19013790-120305, is currently still be worked on. Hopefully you will be getting a call back soon on this issue. If the ticket department is unable to to contact you by phone, they will also send you information to your email.



Re: Outage in 54115 - need update on ticket please

Thanks, Ray.  They did call me on Friday.   It sure is frustrating, as still no phone service 8 days later and no known date that it will be fixed.  I have to use my neighbors phone to call my Mother or other important calls.   Plus our texts randomly get the red exclamation "error" message and go through multiple times.   After 3 days of no service a week and a half ago, then 8 days this week, I'm hoping I didnt make a mistake switching to Sprint.   : (


Re: Outage in 54115 - need update on ticket please

Single Cellsite 8758349 At 2012/03/06 20:35:24 we experienced the following Problem(s) in the North Wisconsin : Green Bay Market: Single Cellsite (Intermittent service) 03/06/2012 14:35:00 CST 4 03/14/2012 08:04:20 CST 03/12/2012 08:10:23 CST ML15AL097 De Pere WI 54115

March 14th is estimated time of restoral


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