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Outages and coverage issues in S. Indiana


Outages and coverage issues in S. Indiana

Hello All,

I have a Nexus S phone and for the last two weeks my phone has zero signal while I am at home (just south of North Vernon, Indiana) and when it does acquire signal it bounces from full bars to zero.  I took my phone to best buy for repair and was sent a new phone from Sprint on 03/21/12.  On 03/22/12 I had zero signal/searching for signal for the majority of the day and went back to Best Buy who contacted Sprint.  The Sprint representative said that several of the towers in S. Indiana were not reporting and that a ticket would be opened.  The representative also stated that my particular phone was not reporting any errors to them because it hadn't been on a full 48 hours yet.

My husband has verizon and is having some of the same signal issues.  The kicker is we have a cell tower about 1/2 mile from our home and we have always received at least 1 bar and could surf the internet and receive calls etc.  We have not been able to do that since 03/15/2012 while we are at home.

Please tell me who I need to call or what I need to do to fix this problem or at least get answers regarding the recent coverage problems.

Thank you,

Jen S.


Re: Outages and coverage issues in S. Indiana

I see a Sprint tower west of town - here is the coverage breakdown for the area. You can go to and see your address.

Does your phone show roaming triangle?

north vernon.JPG


Re: Outages and coverage issues in S. Indiana

So sorry but I live 9 miles S.E. of the map you are showing here.  We have a butlerville address but it is in the San Jacinto area.  Thank you for your help but it is a moot point now.  I have a Motorola Photon which gets 3g and 3 bars while sitting in my living room so there was definantly an issue of some kind with the handset AND with the tower I guess.  I truly hope that Sprint can fix their customer service issues before it is too late for them as a company.  Thanks again for your help.


Re: Outages and coverage issues in S. Indiana

I would recommend you call in and speak with technical support so they can see the history of your phone since it has been active for over 10 days now. I think you may be in a roaming area and that may lead to some frustration as the delivery of messages and certain aspects of service are limited if you are on a roaming network tower. If you call in make sure technical support is who you speak as it will save you time and you will get a better answer on what is occurring.


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