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Overall poor coverage and no data - Alton, IL 62002

Journeyman FZ6

Overall poor coverage and no data - Alton, IL 62002

I live near the intersection of Seminary and Edwards streets in Alton, IL.  I just switched phones from an Optimus S to a Samsung Galaxy S2 a couple weeks ago. 

My data coverage was spotty inside my home with the Optimus, now it's non existent with the Samsung.  It barely (one bar) connects to 3G when I'm outside.  Calls drop if you try to walk around in the house and talk.  This isn't just my house, it's outside and the surrounding area.  I was at a business at 1620 Washington Avenue  Alton, IL 62002 and NO data.  None.

What is going on here, and will it be fixed?

Journeyman FZ6

Re: Overall poor coverage and no data - Alton, IL 62002

NO response?!  Way to go Sprint.  Terrible customer service is the best thing you do...


Re: Overall poor coverage and no data - Alton, IL 62002

Hello.  We apologize that we missed your original post.  At this time, the Sprint Techs are not available in the Communities 24 hours a day although there are plans to change that in the near furture. 

I've checked the address from your post and one thing I notice is it's a stone's throw away from a "FAIR" coverage area.  As indicated on our coverage map, a fair coverage area has approximately 1 bar of service on a Sprint device and the signal may also be lost indoors.  That is our expectation of a fair coverage location at this time.  The signal can and may vary during "peak times" as well, as the signal from a tower shrinks from high capacity usage.  For your home address, you can input your complete address into the coverage map to view our expectation of your coverage for a specific location. 

It may also be, that your phones' RF is not meeting or succeeding Sprint's standards which causes a lower than normal signal reception.  A Sprint Service & Repair Center can run an RF (Radio Frequency) test to ensure your phones' radios are functioning at or above Sprint standards. 

A Sprint Service & Repair Center in your area is ~

1) Sprint Store By Marshall Wireless

1911 Vaughn Rd
Wood River, IL 62095
(618) 258-8200

Feel free to private message me by clicking on my avatar if I can be of further assistance,




Journeyman FZ6

Re: Overall poor coverage and no data - Alton, IL 62002

That's funny Tom.  When you noticed it's a "stone's throw away from a FAIR coverage area" did you notice it's even closer to a "BEST" coverage area?!  So my home address is in the "BEST" area, and the address posted above is in the "GOOD" covereage area.  Both are completely covered by the data coverage map. 

So in typical Sprint fashion, you have completely deflected the issue, tried to make my look stupid by saying it's a "FAIR" coverage area, then tried to blame the handset. 

My girlfriend and I both had the Optimus S previously.  As soon as I purchased her Galaxy S II, (December 2011) she had NO data connection at my home.  My Optimus still worked great until just a couple of weeks ago when I switched.  Now I have a Galaxy S II as well, and surprise, NO data for me either.  I don't find this to be just coincidence.

So what happens when both of our phones pass the RF test?

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