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PC Worlds 3G comparison test results are in

PC Worlds 3G comparison test results are in

PC World’s 3G comparison tests provide added support that Sprint operates America’s most dependable 3G network.


Sprint beat AT&T in every market tested
  • In all 13 cities tested by PC World, Sprint beat AT&T in every market for reliability.
 Sprint beat Verizon in six of the 13 markets and tied in two
  • Verizon’s claim as “most reliable” network was challenged and shot down in six test markets (Boston, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco). Sprint tied Verizon in Orlando and San Diego.
 If you live in the West, there's one clear choice
  • Sprint’s 3G network did especially well in the West, with 100 percent reliability in Seattle and Denver. In San Francisco, Sprint won all three categories tested – download speed, upload speed and reliability.
  • Sprint’s success in the West mirrors results from this year’s J.D. Power and Associates study that awarded Sprint the “highest call quality in the west region (tie)” honors.


To read the entire PC World survey story, visit


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Re: PC Worlds 3G comparison test results are in

I see that all of the Sprintnaysayers are silent on this one.

Re: PC Worlds 3G comparison test results are in

Actually, the ONLY thing that the study proved was that Sprint's network has room for more users...that's really all. It didn't once prove that it was faster than AT&T's network...only that AT&T's network wasn't as reliable. If I can get 7Mbps on AT&T for only 2 minutes, or 2Mbps on Sprint's EVDO constantly, then I'd probably opt for AT&T as well. After all, 7Mbps is 3.5x faster than Sprint's EVDO...even at rev A speeds.

As for the west, it's no surprise since Sprint has the largest 3G footprint in the west. AT&T barely has any coverage there. AT&T's mostly, south, midwest, and entire eastern seaboard. Notice Sprint didn't ever beat AT&T nor Verizon in speed other than in Frisco.'s almost like comparing Nextel's iDEN to T-Mobile. iDEN may be far more reliable, but T-Mobile delivers faster where would you go?

Most people have already made that decision: they sign up with ANYONE except Sprint.


Re: PC Worlds 3G comparison test results are in

My first requirement is reliability/availability.

Who really cares if a service is "faster" if the service doesn't exist where you are?

I concur that Sprint's network reliability/availability in the Seattle area burns the other major carriers right down to their socks.

It's one of the major reasons I'm on Sprint, not some other carrier.


Re: PC Worlds 3G comparison test results are in

This review is pointless. Read my post in Wireless news

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