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Painfully Slow Data, Text, Voice Speeds in Miami, Florida 33156


Painfully Slow Data, Text, Voice Speeds in Miami, Florida 33156

I have had iphones since the 2nd generation, when there was no 3g, was out. I have since used the iphone on sub-carrier networks such as simple mobile (T-mobile Satellite) as well as H20 Wireless & Redpocket which both run on at&t satellites. Both pre-paid networks had 10x faster speed than my "Truly unlimited Data plan" that sprint likes to advertise to get us to come to their super slow network. this unlimited data is worthless, i dont even spend 1gb because of how slow it is. i am getting outraged by the performance and disrespect that sprint has layed upon apple and its current iphone 4s. siri does not respond, i have full service and 3g but notice will show, no facebook, no emails, no imessage, my phone freezes in the middle of a picture message from which i have to erase the whole text and power down. even toggling the airplane mode on/off 5 times will not do anything or sometimes will last for a total of 10 minutes. if apple has lost any stock or shares relating to their smartphone i would blame sprint. My current speed test with 3g and full service gives me an amazing download speed of 0.01 mbps, with an upload of 0.00mbps i kid you not. What is more amazing is that sprint considers this 3g. embarrassing really. Sprint, just lay it like it really is . will the speed improve in 2012 ? by august ? or by 2013. We just want to know instead of having the run around and letting our frustration out on the forum. all i want to know is when it will get better or should i just leave my phone as a paperweight.

I really like sprint, but you butchered the iphone 4s -_-


Re: Painfully Slow Data, Text, Voice Speeds in Miami, Florida 33156

Sorry for the inconvenience. I checked your zip code and there  are reported  outages for 3Gpictures and text messaging, engineers have been notified and are working to restore the service ASAP. NEB TICKET 8933825  ETR is 04/23/2012 17:34:35 CST. Enhancements in this area for last 6 months were 3 voice upgrades, 8 data capacity upgrades completed and for Next 6 months:12 voice upgrades 3 data capacity upgrades 3 data speed upgrade are scheduled. For more info on  Network upgrades  please visit this site for more info:-


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