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Phantom SMS Txts and Coverage in Katy, Texas


Phantom SMS Txts and Coverage in Katy, Texas

For the past few months, my wife and I have noticed coverage in my home area (Katy, Texas) going from tolerable, to pretty awful.  I have a decrepit HTC Evo 4G that no longer vibrates and that does a pretty poor job working with Exchange Server (my understanding is that Android and Exchange really don't play well together).  My wife has an iPhone 4. When she is at home, she simply cannot send MMS pictures to me, and voice calls only work in certain rooms of the house. This is a change from when we first signed her up on my plan (I'd been a Sprint user for years). Additionally, 3G is an absolute joke. And not in a "oh, you just got used to 4G so 3G just seems slow to you" kind of way. As in, if I am on 3G, I can expect the Facebook app to never load content, I can expect voice-to-text to never discern what I said, and I can expect to get connection timeouts more often than not.

ALLLLLLLLL this is to say, despite ALLLLLLLL these aggravations that I am paying a lot of money per month to simply shrug and put up with, I have to deal with text messaging being broken. I will get text messages from my wife or coworkers that I initially received two days previously, and then I will get them again. And again. Sometimes only half of a text message that I send to my wife will make it to her. Sometimes the other half arrives, sometimes it doesn't. And the delay can be frustrating. As in hours.  Oh, yeah, and time stamp errors abound!

What is Sprint doing about this? I spoke with a clueless rep at a Sprint Corporate Store who said that the text message issues were known issues. So when are they going to get fixed?



Thank you for using the Sprint Community for your questions and concerns.  I'm very sorry to hear that you're experiencing so many issues with your phones.  I know how truly frustrating that can be.  Let me address all of your issues one at a time.

1.  If your Evo 4G is experiencing issues with vibration, that is most likely device related.  I know that you've taken one of your devices to a store for a text messaging issue, but have they researched your vibration issues?

2.  Your in home coverage.  If you're experiencing poor indoor coverage at home, there may be things that we can do to improve that.  I'd like to review your situation in order to determine your options.  I'll send you a private message to get some information for you regarding this.

Needless to say, I'll do my very best to resolve all of your issues if I can.  I look forward to the opportunity to do so.



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