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Phone keeps going in and out of roaming


Phone keeps going in and out of roaming

Just recently my phone goes in and out of service while in my home. I use to have great coverage I even have the sprint booster to assist with coverage. This is very inconvenient being when it jumps to roaming it makes my messages fail and my calls do not go through. I have reset the phones network, url and everything. I just do not know what else I can do to get my phone to stop roaming. 


I hear ya Sweetangel1979. I live in a dead zone, and understand completely how frustrating sluggish service can be. I'll be more than happy to look into this for you, may I have a couple cross streets, and the zip code? How long has this been going on? Are any of the other phones on your account having this same trouble? Is it happen in 1 location or in multiple? What type of phone do you have? 


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I have a galaxy s9plus my one daughter has a iPhone 7 it started about 3 weeks ago. 107th and Harlem Avenue zip 60482. Also my other daughters phone that is a boost is also doing the same thing. This seems to happen only when we are at home when I leave my home our service seems to work fine. 


I took a quick look in the area and the towers all seem to be fine and there are no network outages in your area. You mentioned having a Sprint booster; are you referring to the Magic Box from Sprint? I'm wondering if maybe the box is having some issue boosting the local signal inside your home seeing as that seems to be the main problem area. 


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My phone has suddenly been doing the same thing for the past month or so. I am in Atlanta and have never had an issue before. It is starting to be detrimental to my work as I cannot access messages, etc, and as an appraiser I need my phone to access lock boxes. I have Galaxy S8+. I was with my family (2 AT&T and 1 Verizon) and I am the only one with no service.

Hi beachale. Are you noticing this happening in a particular area or is it all over? Is it a loss of data, voice, and text or just one of the 3? Is anyone else you know on Sprint having the same issues? 


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It is all three. Mine is happening all over town. My boyfriend has Sprint, but he hasn't noticed a problem, but he sits at a desk all day.  Most everyone else I know has AT&T.  


Okay and what type of phone do you have? Maybe we can start with some troubleshooting on your end just to make sure everything is good. I can also start looking into the coverage in the areas that you spend most time in. 


I have a Galaxy S8+ and I live in metro Atlanta.


Okay, can we start by updating your data profile:

1.Tap the Settings icon.

2.Scroll to and tap System Updates.

3.Tap Update Profile.

4.Once the profile update is complete, tap OK.

5.The data profile is now up to date.


Let me know when you are done.

I am done.



Now, can we reset your Network Settings by:


1.Dial ##72786#.

Note: If the dialer does not appear, tap the Dialer icon.


2.Tap YES.

The device will restart and initiate Hands Free Activation.


3.After the device restarts it will automatically perform Configuring Service.

  • Register device with the network

  • Update roaming settings

  • Check for latest firmware


4.Once the Configuration Service is complete, tap OK.



5.The network settings have been reset, and the device is now re-activated.

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