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Please check Network Towers near Glendale heights IL, 60139


Please check Network Towers near Glendale heights IL, 60139

Hello Sprint,

Not sure you are aware but anytime I am in glendale heights IL, 60139; the following things happen:

1. The time on my phone switches to a different time.  (most of the time, my phone goes back an hour).   Which has caused me to be late to work a few times.

2.  Calls that I try to make or someone calling me, doesn't always go through and the phone just continues to ring from my end. 

3.  My text messages come in late sometimes up to 3 hours later after they have already been sent. 

4.  Reception in the area goes up and down quite often when I am talking on the phone. 

Once again, The issues stated above happen when I am in this town alot.  Not sure if it this is an issue with the towers in the area or not but has been going on for a few months so I wanted to make you aware.

email -

Thank You,


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