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Poor 3G/1xRTT in 62208 and 62269


Poor 3G/1xRTT in 62208 and 62269

For the last month or so I've been experiencing pretty terrible Data performance in 62208 (Fairview Heights IL) Near Highway 64 and Illinois 159 and 62269 (O'Fallon, IL) also near Highway 64 and W U.S Highway 50.   

I thought maybe it was just the holiday season saturated the network with a ton of extra users (Heavy shopping area), however, it still seems to be a problem. 

I did see that the area recently went through Capacity and Network speed improvements, however I'm certainly not experiencing it. 

The exact symptom I see is I am connected to 3G (Very good signal in the area), however, when I try to use data it hangs on 3G and then switches to 1xRTT and crawls.

Not sure if it matters, but I have a iPhone 4S, and I have done the ##873273#, but I have not seen any improvement. 

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