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Poor Data and Voice Service - Muskegon


Poor Data and Voice Service - Muskegon

Yet again I find myself visiting my family in my hometown of Muskegon, Michigan and am facing various service issues with data and voice.

I have been in town since June 28, 2012 and have had poor data service throughout Muskegon and have dropped calls at my parents residents.  I used Sprint's chat service to talk with Edith T. who informed me that there was another outage in Muskegon and that it would be resolved by June 06/30/2012 18:23:56 CST.  However, it is now 07/02/2012 1:00 EST and I was just repeatedly disconnected from a phone call.  Around noon on 07/01/2012, when I was in the Nortan Shores/Muskegon area, I had exprienced subpar data servive with it being slow and sometimes non-existencent.

My previous visit to Muskegon in May was also blacked by subpar service as well (May 10 - May 17)

If any Sprint employee where to look at the number of dropped calls I have from Muskegon they would be surprised.

One year later and Sprint is still providing Muskegon with subpar service.

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