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Poor signal/reception


Poor signal/reception

We live within less than one mile of one of your towers, but still have very low signal within our house and not much better when we go outside, which we have to keep from having a dropped call. We will keep complaining till this is resolved or get out of our contract. This complaint will be copied and in a file started for this.

Thank you

Tim Musser

Account #6[...]3-21-2011 @ 7:38 pm

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Sprint Product Ambassador

Tim -

I moved your post into our Network and Coverage forum.

I also removed your private information from the post.  This is a public forum, and over a million people a month could see your phone or account number.

If you need to contact the Customer Care team, you can do that through

If you'd like one of our techs that volunteer some time out here to look at the towers and network around your house, please post your zip code and a major intersection near where you are having problems. 

Thank you for your post!


Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I would like a tech to look at towers and network around our house.

Zip is 49082, house is about 1/3 mile south of intersection of East Girard Rd.and Gorbell. Thanks again Will.



Been a week, no sight of anyone. Today phones are on roaming with the tower one mile away, and not a good signal there too. Getting to the end of our rope. Pay for service and can't even use it at our house. Was better when we had Nextel's. Have to go outside to keep from calls being dropped. Only phones we have, no house phone, did that when Nextel was our carrier. Do not understand, air card works okay, slower that I would like, but next to the phones it's great. Please contact me. Would like to get checked out. Do you ever provide boosters for in the house?

Tim M.


I had the same problem and called Sprint. They sent me an Airwave free of charge. It is a device that you hook up to your internet. I have not had any problems with my signal since I recieved the Airwave. It really improved the quality of our calls on all 4 of our Sprint phones.



Wanted you to know that I have had the same problem, only with my hot spot, and have complained with Sprint lots, and they will do nothing---the last they answered to me was my computer fault, which it isn't.  Have been given run around from Sprint all the way.  We have had Sprint since 2001, and because of all this---am giving them up as our phone come due.  They won't let us out of the contract---or try to help---just we have to deal with it.  So just warning you, they won't do anything.  Hope you had better luck.

I will find someone who I can file a complaint with---even if FCC, because this isn't right.  Hope the airwave will help---

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