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Poor signal strength and getting worse! Zip code 08062


Poor signal strength and getting worse! Zip code 08062

Been with Sprint for about 1-1/2 years now.  Service @ home town was never great, but dropped calls and no 3G is getting more frequent. . . and really frustrating.  Called Sprint 4 times now (call dropped 3 times during conversation or on hold waiting!).  Not sure why I'm even posting this since it says this is a customer forum and not monitored by Sprint. . . so why do they say this is the place to post if you're having trouble with reception?  Anyway, drops are becoming more frequent.  Tech services told me I needed to get all of my phones "tested" at a Sprint store.  They sent me an eticket confirmation but, of course, I only got the first 2 lines. . . the rest never made it to my phone. I know of 9 phones ( 2 no longer in use, 4 @ my home, 3 in a friend's home) that all have the same problem.  I was told that maybe I should bring all 9 phones in for testing (I assume because the tech believes all 9 phones have the same problem?    Yep, that makes sense to waste my time on. . . ).  Then I was told that the only way to get anything done was for each person to call in and complain about reception.  Now there's a good example of a lean, efficient process. . . make it so difficult and such a waste of time that the customers will eventually give up.  Good business strategy!  Now quite convinced that Sprint intends to throw roadblocks up and make it impossible, I guess I'll either have to take the penalty, or claim breech of contract, or just wait it out and switch to another carrier.  And I was such a Sprint supporter to others. . . until now.  All I wanted was for Sprint to be reasonable and say "We'll have someone come out and look into it, let you know what we find, and we'll let you know what we will do to fix it and by about when."  I didn't think that was unreasonable, but I guess I was wrong.  Expecting to get what you pay for is a thing of the past. 

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