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Problems Ongoing on Puerto Rico, More Than a Year Ago


Problems Ongoing on Puerto Rico, More Than a Year Ago

Im tired of this nonsense... I've been a client of sprint for almost 10  years. Made an EVO 4G pre-order, thinking Sprint was commited to keeping  high standards, just taking things to a whole new level. TOTAL  DISSAPOINTMENT. The service has gone from a 6 on a 1 to 10 scale, to an  2. Not getting reception where I used to get, whole lot of dropped  calls, THE WEAKEST MOBILE DATA SPEEDS I've ever seen. A bill that always  one way or another raises without reason. NO 4G, and still they charge  me for the premium data addon, for a weak 3g??? Im definetly changing  carriers as soon as my contract expires, probably Tmobile. Any lawsuit  will have my support. Paying $100.00+ bills and getting poor service is  not fair. Unlimited data for what??? I've never gone over 2GB with this  weak speeds!!! And I live on the capital, San Juan, where the best  service should be. You have definetly lost a customer, and be sure the  worst thing for any company are unhappy customers... No wonder the rest  of my family has changed carriers...


Problems Ongoing on Puerto Rico, More Than a Year Ago

I got the same problem.  Signal in the Hato Rey area is very weak, sometimes its only on 1x, the funny thing is that sprint got a store in the area (roosvelt avenue) and theres not signal.

I used to get a strong signal, but now, is very rare.  Even in my home, in the Bayamon area, is very weak when it used to be strong.  Not even the airave help.

When I call customer service, they said that theres nothing wrong.  I've been a client for 10 year but, if this continue, I will change carrier and will not pay any ETF.

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