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Proposed new Alert Feature for Sprint Network Coverage Downtime/Outages


Proposed new Alert Feature for Sprint Network Coverage Downtime/Outages

Primary Location Experiencing the signal drop: Tustin, CA 92780
Cross Streets: Edinger & Red Hill Ave

Maybe it is just me but I have noticed the 3G signal strength on my Hero has dropped consistently to 1x rate for over a month.  I have confirmed now with 2 other co-workers they're experiencing the same issue.  Thus, this leads me to believe it was not just me nor my device.  I have even spoken to my friend who has an EVO 4G and with 4G turned off to use 3G only they too noticed the signal drop.  Browsing the Support forum and Sprint boards, I noticed that there are other customers having similar experiences in California and other spots of the country. 

I understand that networks cannot be up 100% of the time but if Sprint can do a better job of notifying or providing information upfront when they are aware or receive confirmed reports of outages or trouble areas it would be very beneficial because then at least we can plan work arounds.  Especially, if we know we're going to be experiencing some downtime or intermittent trouble/issues we can schedule or use other means of communication until things are resolved.

I am proposing that Sprint have a new Alert of some sort that lets customers go check a location to see if there are confirmed outages or network downtime, possibly even if when radio towers are being worked on.  Customers can subscribe to email alerts, text messages, and/or call in to a hotline with their zip code and/or address to find out of service in a 5-10mi radius?  It is similar to their Network Coverage Check but instead it lets us see problematic areas or known issues in areas with ticket(s) opened in the area.  A mobile app would be great to accompany this new alert feature as well but that is an enhancement and can come later.

Hope this proposal makes sense, or if you guys have some inputs on how we can get our questions answered a lot faster when it comes to if the network is down in XYZ location then please do share.  Regardless, I think we (Sprint and its current customer base) can still stay a top of the competition with new services and features such as this.  At least it shows that Sprint is proactive rather than sitting back and watching us loyal customers dwindle away to other carriers even though it costs more.



Sprint Product Ambassador

Proposed new Alert Feature for Sprint Network Coverage Downtime/Outages

Great idea, and something we have looked at doing.  It's kind of a big project - a lot of data sources to be pulled together, correlated, and displayed.  I hope we can deliver on something like this in the future.

For that zip code, I don't show any current outages; depending on where you are in the zip code some of the towers are at capcity and are scheduled for capacity upgrades in the next 90 days (timing variable, depends on city permitting, local telco availability, boots on the ground scheduling, etc).

Thanks for the feedback - if you'd like more specific information about your area, please post addresses where you are experiencing issues.  There's a *lot* of towers in the Tustin area.

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Proposed new Alert Feature for Sprint Network Coverage Downtime/Outages

Thanks for the message and suggestion GP.

I have been in the telecom industry for 20 some years, and there are reasons why your suggestion  will not be implemented.

As i said in my post : nothing is ever broken, and nothing ever gets fixed.

This is the golden rule of telecom, mostly to disable any consumer from making a case for damage or compensation.

When you complain usually nobody will acknowledge there is a problem, I will give the sprint person I spoke to some points for openly acknowledging both repeaters serving my area are broken, the supervisor would likely not approve of that statement.

What you propose would require  honesty, and responsibility , and immediately expose poor performance of the network in areas.

This could lead to class action  misery from those area's, and customers leaving, and new customers not signing up, and competitors pointing to Sprints weak spots.

From a management point of view, all those are very unwanted events, so better to leave customers in the dark and handle them 1 by 1..

Reported estimate time to repair date(s) are kind of like religious people predicting the end of the world.( they get extended often..)

- You do not want to say it happens today, because customers will be complaining again tonight.

- You do not want to put the date too far into the future, because people will continue to complain about the long repair time.

so.... what do you do when you are a carrier ??

- first you appologize and make people feel appreciated.

- give them a ticket number that only Sprint can look up.

- next you try to assure people you are doing everything you can to fix it.

- and you give them a ETR date about 4 days into the future, close enough to wait for, and it buys time.

- next you pray that in teh next 4 days someone will fix it,  or another rep will have to appologize and add 4 more days...

does any of that sound familiar??



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