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Questions on Data/Voice useage (switching from verizon)


Questions on Data/Voice useage (switching from verizon)

Ok so after months and months of getting screwed over by Verizon one way or another I thought about moving to sprint, we went and did the research (this will lead back to my questions) and got the phones (Evo 4G) and got home and ended up where we live we have poor sprint service (Mount Morris NY 14510) and hung out with about 1 or 2 bars if any at all.  we talked to 4 service reps and each one told us something diffrent so we we ended up being even more frustrated with the situation and went back to our Verizon contract.  now my contract is up again with Verizon and before I bite the bullet yet again I thought I may do a bit more reseach and see how this stuff works. so there is my history and here are my questions..

1. How does Sprint roaming for voice work? (I was told as soon as you roam even for a flash of a milasecond on a call it will count the entire call as roaming and take from your mins/also told that it does not)

2. How does sprint roaming for data work? (I was told if you end up using data while roaming quite a bit they will cancel your contract/was told that it dont matter how much you roam also)

so all in all I would really just like straight forward unbias answers on this.  I have poor sprint coverage in my area but am able to get a good discount as my wife works for the state and they have way better options for phones. Is this something that is even worth my time or should I stick with rude CS, poor phones and more expense for the better signal coverage?


Questions on Data/Voice useage (switching from verizon)

1. Roaming transitions are hard hand offs between towers. If you switch out of the Sprint network into a roaming network the call would drop. the same goes the opposite direction. So the entire call will either be counted as a native call, or entirely roaming because it won't switch in the middle of the call ever.

2. Data roaming is limited to 300MB per month. If you consistently go over this amount you will be sent a notice to reduce your roaming usage. If you continue to go over then Sprint may terminate your contract.

If your coverage issue is mostly at your house I would also recommend looking at the Airave device that Sprint offers. If you have high speed internet at your house (Cable, DSL, FiOS, etc.) it would connect to your network and then broadcast a Sprint signal inside your home to use.


Questions on Data/Voice useage (switching from verizon)

Thanks for the info, does the "Airave" require any extra fee other tan it's inital purchase? or anything extra setup on the phone? also for the data roaming do they charge extra if you go over that 300mb? I think this is where I hit a grey area with CS when I called nobody could tell me.  currently wife and I do not exceede 300mb a month on our devices (per device). thanks again for the quick reply.

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