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Reporting Network/Coverage Issues on the Forums


Reporting Network/Coverage Issues on the Forums

Please note that it is better to create a discussion about your own current network or coverage issue than to add to an existing post UNLESS it is about the same area. This ensures Techs are working these and creating tickets as need. Too many 'me toos' in different areas of the country may make it hard for techs to see all the areas which may need their attention.

When noting an issue, add the following to your Discussion post, started in this forum:

1. Zip Code

2. City/State

If additional information is needed, a Sprint Tech with the emblem on their Community IDs will private message you.   Any Sprint Employee, Tech or Administrator will have the following emblem on their name.  Never disclose private information such as your physical address, phone number, email or other on the forums outright to protect your privacy.




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