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I recently updated my phones software which I was prompted to by an icon on my phone. Since then my phone is in roam in places that it has never been before. I dont understand this. My home is less than 5 miles from a sprint tower and I have always had perfect service in my house. But now its in roam. Does anyone know how to fix this? I've already updated the PRL.  Sprint EVO 4G                      HELP



Also if you have high speed internet we will send you a free Airave and you will have coverage. No charge for the unit and no charge for monthly service it provides. I just got a free Airave and service!

Also the new Airave's provide voice and data and are free and clear - no charges.

I am sorry you are having problems and that there appears to be a change of coverage in your area. Most towers have a 3 to 4 mile radius. If you want to call in (888-211-4727) or CHAT (On the top of the page click on My Sprint>>My Account Wait for about 90 seconds and you should see the CHAT button appear next to your login name. Click on the CHAT button for someone to verify your account information and gain access to your account.)

If you want to do some things on your own go to and enter your address and see what the coverage map shows - Best Good or Fair.  You didn't mention which phone you have but if this is an Android handset you may try to install the program Antennas and see exactly which tower your phone is registering to.  You also didn't put in your zip code and there could be a service alert or cell site ticket for mechanical problems in your area.

I have listed a few of the things we would troubleshoot - there are many more - and if you used to have coverage and dont I urge you to call us and let us help.


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