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San Antonio "select outages" starting 3/8/12???


San Antonio "select outages" starting 3/8/12???

Blackberry Tour - no incoming phone calls, callers hear busy signal - 78249, 78240, 78251 zip code areas i travel/live in- customer service blames tower outage, repair date moved from 3/11 to 3/16

Overall my question is if anyone else in the san antonio area has had issues with their service that isnt payment related, what area you are in, and what phone you have.

My crackberry flopped on me again and the replacement was switched on the 8th. I noticed NO ISSUES with my "broken" phone when it came to calls, texts, emails or service bars on my phone that day (it was being replaced for randomly shutting off and overheating). It wasnt until i called customer service on the new phone about unrelated issues that i noticed my phone never rang but  i would recieve a notification from google voice telling me i had a new vm. I called back to troubleshoot this issue, got a rep who switched me to the rudest manager ive ever spoken with in my life, he blamed google voice as my reason for not getting my calls in and told me to disconnect it then restart the phone to fix the issue.  Then repeated himself in circles until finally spitting out in a straightforward manner that he couldnt troubleshoot with me if i didnt have a 2nd phone line to call on and to take it to a store (this was after over half an hour on the phone with him babbling about what type of trouble shooting he would do over the phone- neglecting to mention the IF i had a second number part). I did so, dropping it off for 2 hours before coming back to my "fixed phone" that still didnt get incoming calls, only now without google voice it beeps a busy signal as though my phone is disconnected.

Not only a waste of my time but now i cant even tell when someone is trying to call me, which is slightly important as im 8 months pregnant and have dr appts, physical therapy, and a grandmother without the know how of texting as my only reliable contact person should i need someone to take me to the hospital.

Im more irked i went back, to a different store, and spent another 2 hours there with a rep troubleshooting every possible problem my phone could have before we called tech support and were finally told there was an outtage in the area (i believe they blamed the solar flares), it had been repaired (friday 3/9), and for some customers it would take 24-48 hours for service to be restored. This was Friday afternoon.

Today (Monday) i called back after not having my incoming calls issue repaired as promised, to be thrown around, lost in the system, and disconnected. When i managed to get back on with a manager it was another self-circling talker who repeats what you say as though hes answering your questions.

All in all, im told the original issue wasnt fixed, i was lied to as a way to "make you more comfortable and give you a sense of security in the issue being repaired in a timely manner" and they are sorry im experiencing this but service wont be restored until Friday (3/16).

My last phone call resulted in a lot of "lets start with troubleshooting your device", "me and my agent will follow up on this situation, we can let you know how its working, how everything is going, were going to be checking on that, can i have a contact number to reach you?", "im sorry for the incorrect information you recieved", "we will be sure to call you when service is restored", "you will lose ALL your services when we disconnect to repair the annenta to restore service", "i understand your point, but thats not how it works", "a group of annetena that provides a certain service, it is a possibility that it is based on the device you have could be responsible for which services are affected by the outage" and a bunch of other phrases meant to confuse me or lull me into a sense of security- im really not sure which but it had neither effect.

I was led to believe that the outage was all over san antonio, then told it was select areas, after having him badly explain about the tower's groups of anntenas that control incoming/outgoing signal for services- his explanation making it sound as though each set of anntena had a specific purpose (calls, voicemail, texting, etc) and when a group was down it could eliminate the service from being available. Before disconnecting out of sheer frustration and a lack of desire to hear him repeat how him and his "agents" would be following up on the matter now, he changed his explaination to state that depending on your phone could affect which service your getting screwed on.

Funny thing, no one else i know, has had service interruptions of only one specific area cut off. Nor has anyone in any other service provider had anything more than a few quirky issues that quickly died out a few days after the flares impact. Im told they intend to credit me for the days im going without incoming though the $2+ dollars a day my service is worth will make any sort of difference towards any of the issues i now have with sprint. Such as being lied to about the cause for my phones lack of incoming calls, being forced to return multiple times before recieving a straight answer about the actual issue and not having it blamed on my phone, being told to do things to resolve the issue (such as disconnect google voice) that end up only being a bigger problem instead of the promised resolution, going a week without incoming calls while awaiting test results and other important information in relation to my health with this pregnancy, and overall the staggering number of manager jerks ive been confronted with whose attitutde is one of ME inconveincing THEM with my questions or issues over the extended time its taking to allow my phone the ability to recieve calls again.

I drive all over the city and even out of it, so if the issue was with the towers not the phone shouldnt the service be restored when i move to an area whose antennas arent down?

Why was my "disconnected service" of incoming calls able to reach google voicemail but not my phones voicemail now that google has been disabled?


Re: San Antonio "select outages" starting 3/8/12???

Well here is the tower outage affecting you

Single Cellsite 8801613 At 2012/03/08 06:19:24 we experienced the following Problem(s) in the San Antonio Market: Single Cellsite (Out of Service) Field Technician has been dispatched. . 03/08/2012 00:19:00 CST 3 03/16/2012 00:04:01 CST 03/11/2012 00:10:03 CST SA59XC103 Leon Valley TX 78240

I will do research and try to find out if it is equipment related - and update later today


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