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Scream therapy


Scream therapy

It has now been a year with a Samsung Galaxy SII on the Sprint network.  I may as well have used charcoal and a slate instead of the Sprint data network -- it is abyssmally slow! Last fall I was told the same line I am seeing in this forum - don't worry, Sprint is uprgrading its system. For who, my great grandchildren? All of those ads showing streaming music, video, web browsing?  And that great "no limit" data plan?  Total BS. I have yet to stream a single song or even a brief video clip without interminable and constant interruptions for the data to arrive. Only on my home wifi can I get a decent data speed, but what is the point of using a phone in my own house?  I timed an olympics feed this morning (not on my wifi): 1 second of video followed by 10 seconds of wait. Rinse and repeat ad nauseum. Web pages draw slower than a snail on qualudes. Heaven forbid I might need a map from google - the geological face of the planet changes too fast.

The real question now is, do I wait until my contract expires (another year), or do I buy it out to leave Sprint immediately? What do you think?

Aaah, I feel better.

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