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Service Issues, Rockford, IL


Re: Service Issues, Rockford, IL

The phones at our home haven't been working properly since May, though we were getting dropped calls as far back as Feb.

Every time I call, I get told about the celll tower upgrades, and every time I call they push the date back for when they will be finished. First it was end of may, then June, Then middle of July, and now I was just told it would be September.

So, for the last 6 months I have had terrible service, but I am supposed to continue to pay and wait and hope it gets better? I feel like I have been naive in thinking they are still working on the towers. The sprint store here told me they finished last month.

Time to check out the other cell phone companies in town. I hear US cellular has good service.


Re: Service Issues, Rockford, IL

They have been upgrading in my area 60140 since March.  The service has been just horrible.  I am ready to cancel all five lines.  I called customer service and they told me they were done with the upgrades.  My calls still drop all the time and I get my text messages hours later.  I have to go outside to make calls when I am at my sisters house and cannot make calls from my office at work or get any kind of internet connection.   When I call customer service they only want to give me a $25.00 credit.  I have only been able to use my phone half of the time yet expected to pay my full bill.  That is unacceptable.  I pay 250.00 a month for service I cant use and am told I can only receive a 25.00 credit?  Time to start looking at a new phone provider.  I am willing to pay the 600 in early termination fees to have a service that works.  Sorry I ever left US Cellular I never had dropped calls.  Looks like I am going back to them.

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