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Service and network in KCMO


Service and network in KCMO

I live in Kansas City, MO 64108 (midtown) and I've had the worst experience with a cell provider in my life. I switched from T-Mobile in December 2010, to Sprint. I have two lines on my account (both Blackberry Styles) with 700 minutes, unlimited text/data. Since March of this year, both lines have had problems with receiving calls, dropping calls, delayed texts, never received texts, visual voicemail not working (unable to access messages, saying there are messages when there are none), delayed emails, etc.

The same day of the Joplin Tornado, KC got hit with a couple of supercells that knocked out power, forced people into basements, etc. Pretty scary stuff, and as my only phone is my cell, I couldn't reach anyone (not my mom who is on Verizon, the other line holder on my account who was at the hospital she works, etc) during the storms or for the next two days. When my phone is working again, I call customer service and they suggest that I should power cycle my phone (I'm not technologically deficient; I had power cycled, and wiped my phone to no avail).

A few weeks later I call again, as both phones are still having trouble with basic functions, and they tell me again to wipe the phones (this didn't do much for either phone, simply lost apps and had to re-sync contacts). Not one rep has apologized for faulty service or products, or offered to discount my bill for not providing quality service.

Last month I go to the Sprint store nearest my work, with the other line holder. We were turned away because they don't go diagnostics and sent to a store 3 miles away. Once we arrive at the new store, we're put in line to be seen (which went quickly, only 10-15 minute wait) by a tech specialist. I tell him the deal, and ask about network problems -- "For instance, whenever I drive on hwy 169 my phone drops the call when I pass a certain exit."

The tech guy tells me that service drops there because you're going "through a hill," and that NO OTHER CARRIER HAS SERVICE THERE. I point out that I've never experienced that with T-Mobile, and no one else I know on other carriers (ATT, Verizon, even CRICKET) have the issue. To which he tells me that they must've found some "magic way" that Sprint can't do. At this point we both decide this guy doesn't know anything, and leave.

I tell everyone I know to never join up with Sprint, and I myself plan on terminating my contract as soon as I have the $400 to pay in fees. Absolutely ridiculous.

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