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Service has improved in Michigan 49461


Service has improved in Michigan 49461

Last year about March 2011 through October I was ready to give up on the whole sprint gang. My service was really bad and I was getting to wits end like many here. I hung on for whatever reason and now find that progress has been made in the network towards improving signal and connectability. My only late complaints are the continued issues with the Samsung transform phone freezing screen and such. They tell us were stuck with these phones even when they don't provide adequate operation. Please research others comments before choosing a lemon. I will have to do that when picking a replacement in a few months. Please private message LARRY OKIESTRO with your concerns. I've received more good and honest info from him here then anywhere else with phone customer service.


Re: Service has improved in Michigan 49461

Jeffsays - thanks  I am not the only person who takes their job as a responsibility and I am humbled - thanks again.


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