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Signal loss, roaming in 46923 Central Indiana


Signal loss, roaming in 46923 Central Indiana

Area is zip code 46923 (home--Delphi, IN) and 47905 (work--Lafayette, IN); home has single cell tower just outside of city limits (approx 1.5 miles), and work has multiple towers located throughout the city.

Been having roaming issues for about 5-6 days now (Started the same day several co-worker's AT&T phones stopped working for most of the day); phone will standby fine, but if you try to make a call or send a text, then it immediately goes into roam, rejects the text, or if trying to call, it takes 2-3 minutes to try to connect to the network, and mostly drops the calls. Basic paperweight at this point, as it isn't doing anything that a phone does.

I keep getting warnings about additional costs incurred while in roaming mode, asking if I want to continue.

Phone is a Touch Pro.

Never had the issue before with this phone, or the other two on this account.

Have checked that the setting are on automatic (for carrier selection), and have done both hard and soft resets on the phone.

Any informed answers as to the problems in the network would be greatly appreciated--This phone is used for work, and has to be working at all times---somethings got to give here real soon.



Signal loss, roaming in 46923 Central Indiana

Hello, sorry to hear about the issues you're having with signal.  I checked our network events and there's nothing officially posted for those two zip codes.  You may want to go here to report the issue.

The "warning" pop up regarding roaming charges is called the "roam guard."  It's not actually from the Sprint network but simply an extra step programmed in our phones to ensure customers are aware they are about to initiate a roaming service. This can be turned off from the roaming settings, but if you are constantly roaming, you may want to leave it on to be aware of this circumstance.  Some roaming is included in our Everything plans, but constant roaming could have additional charges associated with it. - My Account can show you your usage. 


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