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Singal problems


Singal problems

Why is it that a few months ago we did not have problems with weak signal with our LG phones. Then Two towers went down around us and we did not have any service for almost eleven days. This was really hard I had to go get a prepaid phone for calls because my husband is very sick. So anyway Sprint said they fixed the towers and our service should be working fine. But ever sence that time we have weak signal problems with our phones they tried to up date all the up dates they could and said we were to take it to a service center but we don't have on in our city so I have not talking them to service center yet I need someone to stay with my husband. But I was do for an upgrade with my phone so I just got my new phone and have been using it now for two day and still I have the same weak signal problem. I don't like this we have been with sprint for about 10 years we have not had any problems until this tower crap happened and now all we get is it is the phone, it is not the phones there was nothing wrong with the phones before the towers went down we are getting very upset with this crap of passing the buck with everyone we talk to at sprint. So why won't they fix this problem??


Re: Singal problems

Hi my name is Adam and I represent Sprint as their SprintCareGuide.  Please visit to see how your Sprint phone performs in your area.  Please keep us updated.

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