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Slow 3g in Phoenix

Slow 3g in Phoenix

I have been experiencing very slow internet speed in Phoenix on my Evo 4g.  When doing speed tests I get results of 10-50 kbps. To put it in perspective, my girlfriends 3g tmobile phone is 50 times faster (litterally, I'm not exaterating). I often do head to head tests because it bothers me that I pay so much for a wifi only phone. I did one with my moms lte Verizon phone and I got 40 kbps and she got 8 mbps. That is 200 times faster. Anyways, I was thinking that my phone wasn't working right so I took it to the Sprint store to see if they could do a head to head with mine. I don't know anyone with sprint to do it myself. Apperently the guy working doesn't know what a speed test is. But they checked my phone to see if it was working and they said it was working right. I showed him the speed test after and I was still getting 40 kbps. The guy working doesn't know what that means. The problem is, I want to buy the Evo 3d but not if it is wifi only. I still don't know if it is my phone or Sprint because the guy at sprint was a huge douchebag and pretty stupid, (not calling him names, just descrbing his attitude). What speeds are others getting in Phoenix?

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Slow 3g in Phoenix

OK. I now know that it wasn't my phone that was the issue. I used my upgrade to get a Nexus S 4g and my download speeds are still worse than dial up. So I see why the store clerk had to play dumb. I kindof feel bad for the guy. Atleast now I know and can switch to Tmobile without wondering.

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