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Southeast Michigan Issues


Southeast Michigan Issues

Like others mentioned on the forum, I am having an issue with missed calls and SMS messages.  They are, for the most part, occurring in the zip code of 48239. 

I just received an SMS message that was sent to me 16 hours ago, but the missed calls is my greatest concern.  Is there a timeframe for the repair or improvement of this issue?  I saw the first quarter of 2012 mentioned in another post.  I need to determine whether a landline or second mobile phone on another network is necessary.


Southeast Michigan Issues

Looking at the coverage in general for Zip Code 48239

I do not see a open network ticket for the area.

What I do see are improvements in the next 6 months

here are the details

Next 6 months:

3 voice upgrades

5 data capacity upgrades

2 data speed upgrades


you may also view this on

It will show you the towers in the area and also the details of what towers are being improved

Hope this Helps.


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