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Sporadic Coverage Stafford, VA 22554


Sporadic Coverage Stafford, VA 22554

The problem is that the bars keep going up and down on our phones/mifi. It started around the 16th of June and has not gone away. We are located off of Brooke Rd and Brooke Crest. This is the first time this has happened. Any information would be helpful. 


Re: Sporadic Coverage Stafford, VA 22554

I'm right there with you.  It's been 2 plus weeks now and haven't been able to carry on a conversation!  I used to be able to stream audio and carry on phone calls all down Brooke road, occasionally losing signal at the corner of Courthouse and Andrew Chapel.  Now, I'm lucky to have a good enough signal to make a call by Dumfries on 95!! Not to mention text messages that do not send! This is unacceptable!

I understand the storm could have delayed a few things but this problem began well before the storm!


Re: Sporadic Coverage Stafford, VA 22554

According to you have "good" coverage in your area. Looks like there are some network issues.

"Severe thunderstorms moved across the Midwest Friday, including Iowa, Indiana, and Ohio, and then moved to the East Coast leaving a trail of destruction, cutting power to millions and killing seven people, all due to falling trees.

High winds caused major storm damage in the mid-Atlanitc
More storms are in store today for the same locations
Record-challenging heat is also in store for Cincinnati, Ohio, Huntington, W.Va., Charlottesville and Richmond, Va., Baltimore, Md., Wilmington, Del., and Raleigh, N.C., today
Local power and electric companies reporting customers without power (11:28 AM CT)"

I think there is a tower down in Dc. as well.

If this keeps going on call sprint and report it, they might be able to credit you when the problem is fixed.


Re: Sporadic Coverage Stafford, VA 22554

Horse manure.

Sprint service has been HORRIBLE within a 5-7 mile radius of exit 143 on I-95 for MONTHS.  Every time I've complained I've gotten some BS answer about "There's a tower down" or "We're upgrading service."

Well we started noticing problems around Christmas 2011.  If that's the result of upgrades, than Sprint needs to FIRE the people doing the upgrades because they obviously don't know which end of a plug goes in.

At this point I'm pretty sure I could beat their so-called contract in court, but I've given them one more chance to make it right.  And by "make it right" I mean "stop charging me for service I'm unable to use through no fault of my own."

Verizon is a bit more expensive, but it WORKS.  (and 4G coverage no-less.)

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