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Sprint Hotspot "speeds"


Sprint Hotspot "speeds"

I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct location, but my Hotspot is the biggest waste of $30 per month, it is practically unusable!  I just ran a speed test on my laptop using the wireless hotspot to connect and I got

Download Speed: 131 kbps (16.4 KB/sec transfer rate) and Upload Speed: 32kbps (4 KB/sec transfer rate).  I think that I can send a letter USPS faster then that!  Can anyone help tell me why it's so slow?

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Re: Sprint Hotspot "speeds"

Good Evening,

Thank you for your post, I would be happy to assist you in getting your mobile hotspot up to par. Are you using this on 3G or 4G? Either way the speeds below the normal range. Do you have slow speeds when using the device to browse the web, or both, when using web on device and using as a hotspot? To properly troubleshoot the issue I will need you to Private Message me your full address and telephone number. Please refer to the information below for data speed expectations:


You can visit and click the 3G and 4G tabs to view your data coverage experience.

Here are the ranges for 3G and 4G Speeds


4G- Average download - 3-6 Mbps/  Average upload - .5-1.5 Mbps


Sprint Hotspot "speeds"

Don't bother, its a 3G nationwide issue and if you go through the forums you will see tons of people having issues with 3G speeds and getting around 100Kbps.  Since you tag evo, try turning 4G on and that is faster unless you are in a area that 4G is bad as well. 


Re: Sprint Hotspot "speeds"


Sorry for the delay in the response!  I live in Holland, Michigan and we don't have 4G access, so I have to use my Hotspot with the 3G access that I have.

I feel like I have slow speed when I use the device as well, but when I use the Hot Spot it is extremely slow.

I hope you can help!


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