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Sprint Mobile Network Not Working!!


Sprint Mobile Network Not Working!!

For the past few months I've been having problems with not getting internet service when I'm away from my home wi-fi and the issue is getting worse!! I can hardly use features on my phone because no internet is available. In my setting the mobile network is ON but it says DISCONNECTED....ALL OF THE TIME!! There has to be something that can be done about this or my bill needs to be credited!! Any assistance is appreciated!!


Re: Sprint Mobile Network Not Working!!

Thanks for your post, can you let me know what model phone you have? Have you tried restarting your device?


Sprint Social Media Care Team


Re: Sprint Mobile Network Not Working!!

If you provide a zip code we can check for network outages in the area. If it is doing it everywhere however then likely it is something with the phone.

I would suggest attempting to do an Update Profile to have the phone reprogram itself with current network authentication info for your account. On Android devices you can easily do this by going to Sprint Zone (it also provides several other self-troubleshooting steps in there as well). On an iPhone you can do this by gonig to your phone and dialing ##UPDATE# (##873283#) and press the call button. If it gives you an error, try while connected to a WiFi network. If it still gives you an error then it may be something network or possibly even your individual account causing an issue. I would suggest calling into Technical Support from a different phone to have it troubleshooted, or taking it into a local Service and Repair store.

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