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Sprint: Not a 3G/4G Wonderland this Xmas


Sprint: Not a 3G/4G Wonderland this Xmas

Hi Folks,

Happy holidays!  I'm back from Somerset NJ 08873!  I will continue to express how I feel about Sprint's service until A) My issues are addressed B) My contract ends (freedom!)  l I almost got all I wanted for Xmas this year except Santa forgot to bring me swift 3G data speeds and available 4G in my area.  I have lots of days off toward the end of the year at my office - but the few days i'm here - I REALLY REALLY wish I had verizon.  I even offered my co-worker $5 to use his hotspot off his Verizon (Samsung) for the week.  I'll spare the wordy nagging - but if I signed a contract stating that I will be with Sprint for 2 years in exchange for the service they advertised shouldn't I get a refund in the form of a non-compliant fee if my experience is not even close to what was promised?  Ofcourse if I leave - they charge a hefty termination fee - I lose either way.

Today I'm clocking at a mighty .1Mbps to .55Mps.  At this rate I have to start my stream in 1998 to be able to see the whole vid now in 2011 (Dec)  This means no Cnn.   No real browsing of any sort.  No Market browsing (b/c who wants to browse and try to download an app only to have it time out).  Might as well give me the Nokia I had in high school.  Snake!  Remember that game?....

Ah the Evo 4G - once touted as the fastest phone available on America's first 4G network in actuality - is like a caged cheetah.  The fastest firing gun with no bullets.  A bullet train with no tracks. 

Its literally one of the biggest teases I've had to experience.  Now to the gym to release some stress - ofcourse I won't be using my Pandora b/c I get no reception =\


Sprint: Not a 3G/4G Wonderland this Xmas

I have the same issue in my area of PA,, was told get to airave.. its only 129.00 plus 5$ monthly charge,,, wth shouldn't they give it to me I am paying for a family data plane for 3 phones and can't use them.. Thinking of canceling and getting a new carrier. They tell me that the signal is good in my area... maybe at some other part of town..! unhappy also


Sprint: Not a 3G/4G Wonderland this Xmas

Also keep in mind that not only will you pay a ETF, you will also have to pay for the taxes and surcharges to that ETF.  Mine came out to be about $60 bucs in addition.  I to had horride 3G speeds:



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