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Sprint outage south of San Antonio


Sprint outage south of San Antonio

I have been a Sprint customer for 20 years, since the first bag phone. We added a wireless card to our plan about 3 years ago. About 6 months ago, we began having outage problems at home. At first it was primarily on the wireless card and internet was slow or non existant on the computer or the HTC Evos. We called numerous times over several months to put in tickets. Sprint service was as bad as the problems we were having. After holding for up to an hour we usually were told that nothing was showing up and no other complaints, but they would put in a ticket. After a day or two, service would be restored to normal. This outage was only when we were at home. When they said maybe we lived too far from a tower, we would have to explain that we had lived here and had service for years! When we would go to work in San Antonio our phones would start recieving old messages and get back to normal. Recently the problem has started again, but is much worse. Now the phones are dropping calls, or not even ringing or recieving the calls. My wife has been on hold on the phone with the wonderful Sprint service people for over an hour. How can a company get this bad?


Don't feel bad. I'm in Austin and still having the same problem. The network dropped out for me at about 6pm and Has not come back yet. They need to get there act together or I will drop them like a bad habit and go with another company. I have been with Sprint for 17 years and it will no bother me to switch to another company.


I understand it is frustrating to have service problems.

arlee007 ,
I will private message you to gain account information and check the status of the ticket.

I will private message you to gain account information to create a ticket for the problem area if there is not one already created .


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