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Sprint's HORRIBLE Coverage


Sprint's HORRIBLE Coverage

I am not sure about other's but I am finding it more and more difficult to defend Sprint just because of the unlimited plan..... In my opinion, the internet service is so slow i can not even search with out getting frustrated!!! Also, I have been trying to update an application on my BB torch and it just refuses giving me an error msg stating the network is busy....While at the same time it is draining my battery..... Sprint can say whatever they want but their coverage is more than beyond horrible and i fail to understand why that is!!!

Why is it so difficult to have better coverage??? I mean honestly, Sprint is charging customers more for data but you can never access anything.... Sprint you need to work on this asap because i dont mind paying an early termination fee for better service..... I am so tired of this!


Sprint's HORRIBLE Coverage


Sorry you are having issues with your data service.  I will send you a Private message so I can get some more information to see if we can get your issue resolved.



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