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Sprint sucks in the Alpharetta area


Sprint sucks in the Alpharetta area

Well I am happy to see that I'm NOT the only one in the Alpharetta, GA area (30009) having coverage issues!! This has been going on since July and I have gotten so much run-around from the local office as well as the "Sprint Priority Team". I JUST found out today that the towers in this area are over capacity and won't be resolved until April or May of next year!! I can not use my phone from home without dropping calls, and that's if the call can even be completed. Like many people these days, I don't have a home phone and need a phone that I can actually depend on to work!I want out of my contract without paying a penalty and they are saying no. If they can't provide the service, I should not be penalized. Anyone have any suggestions??

Oh and of course they don't care that I've been a Sprint customer for 10 YEARS!

OK. Now I'm really pissed. I just found this: Which PROVES they were aware of this issue, although every time I called, they acted like it was the first time they were hearing of it!! The # to Sprint's Priority Team is 855.809.7010. Be sure to ask for a supervisor.

And now they're planning on releasing iPhones they can't even support?? SERIOUSLY??


Sprint sucks in the Alpharetta area

Call Sprint and explain your situation and ask about the Sprint Airave. This should give you reliable coverage at home. Good Luck and hope your network issues are resolved soon (I am also experiencing terrible coverage around town, Louisville, KY)

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