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Sprint switching 4G technogoly to LTE?


Sprint switching 4G technogoly to LTE?

I recently heard somewhere that Sprint is now switching over to the LTE 4G technology just like Verizon and ATT. IF this is true, with my Google Nexus S 4G be able to operate on that network? Currently there is no 4G in my area (zip 23456) and I chose this phone over the iPhone back in October after being informed by a Sprint employee that 4G was coming to area in the near future but nothing about changing of the 4G technology. If I was told that the Nexus S 4G wasn't going to work in my area I would have gotten an iphone. Can you clear up and misunderstandings or mis-information?



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Re: Sprint switching 4G technogoly to LTE?


Good news and bad news for you:  the good news is that Sprint promises to continue supporting their current WIMAX infrastructure for the next couple of years.  However, since you currently don't have 4G in your area and they're not rolling out any additional WIMAX, that's not really all that good of news for you.

The bad news is that your phone won't work with LTE.  If you just purchased that phone in October, the salesperson should have known and been far more candid with you about the limited life span of that phone given your location's lack of WIMAX. 

If there's any good news, you have a great phone and can use the 3G network for as long as you want to own the phone.  It's as fast as you'd get with the iPhone since it's only 3G. 

Don't feel bad...I too have a WIMAX 4G phone that the salesperson promised me would work on local WIMAX "within months."  That was 14 months ago and still no WIMAX here.

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