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Sprint why after over 10 years is my phone NOW dropping calls???


Sprint why after over 10 years is my phone NOW dropping calls???

I have been with Sprint for over 10 years and only had small problems with weird charges on my bill from time to time. Those were taken care of and I put my whole family on my account. I now pay around $200.00 a month for 3 phones and for the past 2 1/2 months ive received ONLY $10.00 worth of service. I cant complete a single call because of dropped calls and niether can my daughter or husband. I live in Kansas City so its a large METRO area and I should NOT be dropping calls!! I have called customer service more than I can count only to get transfered to various people that have no idea what they are doing. I have an Air rave that seems to have made my service worse and the only thing Sprint can say is that their towers are down and they are fixing the problem. Come on..... I have a newborn and a teenager and I need phone service for SAFETY reasons. If this isnt fixed by the end of this month I will take my $200.00 somewhere else and NOT encourage my friends to join Sprint!! I would NEVER subject anyone to this type of frustration!!! GET IT FIXED OR IM G-O-N-E!!!

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