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Still have terrible speed Forestville Maryland after 11 months


Still have terrible speed Forestville Maryland after 11 months

***Original post September 16, 2011

I am getting extremely slow data speeds in the area of Forestville Maryland (20747) and Capitol Heights Maryland (20743).  I first contacted Sprint customer service and techinical service in April 2011.  I was told they did not have any problems.  I contacted them again in May 2011 and they said that there is a known problem and that it was scheduled to be fixed by the end of June 2011.  Here it is, the middle of September 2011, and the speeds are still horrible.  The following are speedtest results in Mbps by differents apps on my Samsung Epic 4G on September 15, 2011 while I am sitting in a parking lot about 200 yards from Sprint cell tower.

FCC Broadband App Washington DC server

3G     Download 0.17     Upload 0.37

4G     Download 0.35     Upload 0.79 App Washington DC server

3G     Download 0.23     Upload 0.30

4G     Download 0.78     Upload 1.13

Xtremelabs Speedtest Unknown server

3G     Download 0.07     Upload 0.45

4G     Download 0.45     Upload 0.38

Maxis Speedtest  Unknown server

3G     Download 0.16     Upload 0.24

4G     Download 0.36     Upload 1.10

***Update post January 2, 2012

I have talked with several customer service reps and have talked to some tech specialists that were in a different department from the regular reps.  I have been told that there have been numerous other complaints made about the speeds (or lack there of) in this area over the past year. Nothing has changed.  I am very tempted to go to Verizon now because their speeds are so fast in this area from the LTE that is up and running.

Speeds as of 1-2-12.

4G  Download 0.18 Mbps   Upload  1.18 Mbps

3G  Download 0.10 Mbps  Upload  0.25 Mbps

***Update post March 3, 2012

Speeds have not improved after almost one year of waiting.  I am not going to stick around for Sprints LTE.  I am so disappointed with WiMAX at this point.  I can definitely say that the service in this area is awful.

Speeds as of March 3, 2012

4G Download  0.21 Mbps  Upload  0.38 Mbps

3G Download  0.07 Mbps  Upload 0.13 Mbps


Re: Still have terrible speed Forestville Maryland after 11 months

Sorry for the inconvenience. I checked your coverage area, there was a reported  EVDO outage at that location, engineers have been notified and are working to restore the service ASAP. NEB Ticket EVDO Connection  8744489 ETR -03/05/2012 13:20:21 CST.Cellsites Affected-Camp Springs MD 20746.



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