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Sudden service change HELP!


Sudden service change HELP!

About 3-4 months ago I posted a discussion in this forum about a sudden change in service. I was contacted by someone & the problem was resolved. Again though I am now having that same service where I normally have FULL service. I am roaming in places like my home & OUTSIDE. This is incredibly frustrating. I am missing phone calls & texts message. I have done all the updates on my phone & still nothing. Can someone please help?!?


Re: Sudden service change HELP!

Someone please help! This continues to get worse! I have soooo many dropped calls in my home. My internet runs incredibly slow....I roam when I am outside in my town. This is ridiculous. I left Verizon to come to Sprint because of their reasonable pricing but this is horrible! I can't wait for my contract to be up. I have been very patient with this but I can't take it anymore. I'm tired of paying for nothing.

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