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Supposedly in a "Good" coverage area, but...


Supposedly in a "Good" coverage area, but...

I have been a customer with Sprint since 2004, and in the past I had generally been satisfied with the service. When I lived in Columbus, Ohio, I rarely had dropped calls or issues with roaming.

Then, in 2010, I moved back to Chesapeake, Virginia, and I've had nothing but problems. Coverage here is terrible, and I was especially disappointed with the month-long service issues that occured in March 2011, when people throughout the whole area would receive text messages days late or not at all. Phone service was also spotty. We were simply told they were "updating the network," but I find that hard to believe considering nothing has ever improved.

Then, during the summer, I moved to an apartment that is in a very heavily populated area off of two major roads in the area. At first coverage was weak, but then in October, coverage pretty much disappeared. My phone is ALWAYS in roaming, so I can't send text messages and phone calls are questionable. I took it to the Sprint store, and they literally told me that "Yeah, Sprint service sucks here" (pretty ridiculous to hear that from employees of the company I'm paying $90 to every month) and told me to call customer service. I did, and they said there was nothing wrong with the nearby towers, so they sent me an Airave. The Airave works about 20% of the time, and I can't stand it because it always seems to go out right when I'm in the middle of a text conversation. When it does work, it ends up malfunctioning and sending people the same text multiple times (one friend got a text 27 times in a row). Again, I called customer service wanting a resolution for the service itself, but was told there was no problem with the coverage and that I should just deal with the Airave. I don't WANT the Airave, and I don't feel like I should have to use it considering I don't live in the sticks. People in my complex with other carriers have no complaints; it's only Sprint with the coverage issues.

I have also had several issues with the phone itself; I have an HTC Evo. Besides the fact that I'm irritated that I'm forced to pay an extra $10 for the "extra data," which I can't even use (and don't even get me started on the lack of 4g here), the phone has had several issues ranging from the camera freezing up to most recently not being able to surf the internet on it at all. I've taken the phone to the Sprint store, and they always make me feel stupid - "Oh the camera is just loose" - but then it keeps freezing up, even after they "fix" it. I intend upon taking it to the store again tomorrow to deal with the latest Internet issue, but I am sick and tired of having to make visits to the store. I pay for the insurance, which doesn't seem to matter, on top of paying for a service that I can't use more often than not (I also get no service at my job, which is in a large building, but hey...Verizon customers can use their phones...). I seriously feel like I'm paying $90 a month for a paperweight, and that makes me very angry. It makes me more angry that everyone I speak with at Sprint seems pretty disinterested in my issues.

Before I moved here, I never thought I would switch to another carrier, because Sprint does have the best valued plans. However, there is no value in a service that doesn't work. I'd rather pay an extra $20-30 a month and KNOW I can send and receive text messages and make clear phone calls than pay for a useless service. I have a year left on my contract and desperately want out of it, but I don't have $200 or however much it is to throw down to cancel the service on top of picking up a new phone and service from Verizon, besides the fact that on principle I don't feel like I should HAVE to pay an early terminatiion fee on a service that I am not receiving. If I wanted to switch carriers because I wanted a particular phone or just for kicks, I would have no problem paying the fee, but considering I can't use my phone the majority of the time, I don't feel like Sprint is upholding THEIR end of the contract, and they should not be rewarded with my hard-earned money.

I don't know if posting to this forum will make any difference, but I don't know what else to do. I suppose I just want there to be a public record somewhere in cyber space detailing my grievances.


Supposedly in a "Good" coverage area, but...

I am sorry for all these problems and want to research exactly what is occurring in your service area.

Whereexactly are you experiencing the problems? The best possible idea is to use a business very near your location – and let us know if you are North or South etc from that location – and approximately how far from it.  With that information we can  look up the cell sites closest to you and see if they have experienced  any outages, or if tickets have already been submitted for them



Re: Supposedly in a "Good" coverage area, but...

I can see where your work address could have coverage issues since it is on the edge of sectors on different towers, I don't have an exact home location so I am not sure what is occurring there. I will private message you for more info. Anything on here is public info/access but the messaging is private.

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