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Terrible coverage in south chicago the past few months


Terrible coverage in south chicago the past few months

The reception wasn't the greatest when we switched to sprint, but it definitely dropped in quality the past fwe months, but now its just getting ridiculous.

When i'm at a friend's house, my phone works great; when i'm at work, my phone works great; however when i'm at home, texts come in late, friends tell me my phone rings 5 or 6 times before my phone even rings once when they call me, my 3g is terrible, 4g is nonexistent, its just ridiculous.

I know the problem just isn't my phone because my mom's phone, my dad's phone, and even my friend who lives in the next block over who also has sprint has severe issues with dropped calls and late texts.

Is there someone I can call to report bad towers in the area? Its a shame too because I downloaded an app that shows me which towers i'm connecting to and there's one less then a half mile away from me. You'd figure that would equate to great reception, but I guess not... However something changed because for the last week or 2 I've just simply had poor reception and late texts, where as before that I was roaming in my own house.

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