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Terrible data speeds in Lemoore, CA 93245 and 93246


Terrible data speeds in Lemoore, CA 93245 and 93246

Reference:  Terrible data speeds were reported via the post above back in September of 2011 for the area of Lemoore, CA. The data speeds are so bad in this area, its actually slower then DIALUP now. When I go to another city, the Sprint phone I have speeds up tremendously. So, it seems that Sprint has totally ignored the community of Lemoore, CA. What good is the Sprint hype of 'unlimited data' when the data speeds are so slow? At these speeds there is no way to even get more than a couple hundred megabytes a month. If the solution provided back in September as posted by 'wingland' was implemented, it was obviously just a temporary fix and not a complete resolution. What capacity can there be in such a small community like Lemoore anyway? That is just not an acceptable response for a community of less than 25,000.

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