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Text Message Delays in Bay Area California (ocasionally)


Text Message Delays in Bay Area California (ocasionally)

I've been getting sending text to my friends and they've been getting it a day later sometimes up to 3 days later. (most of my friends have at&t, one has sprint, one has tmobile)

This first started happening when I first got my evo around last year. The problem still continued even after I got my epic 4g touch.

After that I tried switching to a blackberry and the problem still persists.  I tried battery pulls and restarts, but I still get this problem.

I've had sprint  with my family for many years (over 6 years i think), then went to at&t for 2 years to try out the service, and now I'm back to Sprint.

I've never had these servere text delays until last year.  What can I do to fix this?  I use my service mainly around sunnyvale / san jose / milpitas / cupertino. ZIP 94089.

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