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Text and phone service out in 33706


Text and phone service out in 33706

We have have been having significant phone and text service problems on 4 different phones (EVO 4Gs, EVO 4GLTE and I-Phone 4s) for the last 2 days in both zip 33710 (Intersection of Park Street and Par Ave N) and zip 33706 (107th Ave).  Now the phone service and text service have been out for an hour in 33706 with the signal strength going back and forth from max to none every 30 seconds.  Is there an outage related to Tropical Storm Debbie?  When will this be resolved?   Is anyone else having these problems near Treasure Island, FL?


Re: Text and phone service out in 33706

Sorry for the inconvenience.  I checked your coverage info with the zip code and there are 2  reported Cell Site outages, engineers have been notified and are working to restore the service ASAP.

Single Cellsite NEB Ticket  9175572 - ETR -06/28/2012 05:53:35 CST

Single Cellsite NEB Ticket  8966860 - ETR 06/30/2012 12:11:52 CST


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