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Texts delayed 3 hours to 2 days and calls going right to voice mail. Blackberry 8530


Texts delayed 3 hours to 2 days and calls going right to voice mail. Blackberry 8530

Note, that I have done the standard Blackberry simple fixes like battery pull, service books and registration.

OK Sprinit Community, you may be my last option.  I have been dealing with a troubling issue that needs resolution.  As you can see from the subject line, incoming texts have a major delay and calls are going right to voice mail.  I have reviewed this subject in the threads here, but am not getting a solution that resolves this matter.  Let me give you some back ground.

2 months ago calls, texts and voice mail alerts were not being received in my apartment.  Alerts would show up eventually, but not in a timely matter.  I talked to Sprint support and they shipped me an Airave antenna.  I will admit, this does help connect with outgoing calls  and they no longer drop, which was a big issue at my residensce.  The text and incoming call issue also seemed like it was resolved, but never 100%.

In the last two weeks texts came to a halt and calls are going to voice mail without even showing missed.  Here is the thing, it is happening when I am all over the Phoenix metro area, not just my place.  The weird thing is, my wife has the same Blackberry and experiences none of this.  I went to a Sprint store today and they tested the device and said they re-wrote the software and said it may have also been the custom theme that was installed.  I left the store, default theme in place and texts were working as they should.  Made the 20 minute drive home, had a seat at my desk and went back to work.  My LAN line rings 20 minutes later and its my wife asking me where I am, and I had no clue what she was talking about.  Turns out she was at the vet with our dog and sent 5 texts (some while I was driving, some while I was at home) asking me to come by to be present for the check up.  Well the text functionality that was there leaving the Sprint store, no longer is.   As I speak, we are sitting here and her texts she sent earlier are now here... 4 hours later.  Texts she is also sending now, are not showing up.

The reason this matter has come to center stage is that I started a new job this week and much of it will be managed from my Blackberry, so I need reliable service.  Have any of you been able to get help from Sprint in a situation like this?  I feel that there is deeper issue with the device.  This also brings up another question that I wish did not have to come up.  My phone has been with Sprint for12 years, but they are not providing a service that we are paying a lot of money for and my job now depends on it.  Has anyone had an experience like this and attempted to cancel service?  As I see it, I should be able to with out beinging held to the contract, as they are not holding up their end of the bargain.  I was really looking forward to a Nexus upgrade when our contract came up in a few months.


Texts delayed 3 hours to 2 days and calls going right to voice mail. Blackberry 8530

This is the exact same issue I have been having with my HTC Evo 3D, except I'm in Orange County, California! Do these outages really happen all over the country and this often? I also have an Airave and get the same 'kind of better' results. I've been told their is an issue with the tower in my area, but that doesn't sound like the case for you since your wife isn't having the issue.

I wish I could help you, but I hope someone from Sprint replies to one of us so this can get resolved.


Texts delayed 3 hours to 2 days and calls going right to voice mail. Blackberry 8530

Sorry for the frustration.   I would be happy to look into the issue for you.   However, need some further information on your account.   I will send you a private messages  to get the information I need.

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