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To whom it may concern!


To whom it may concern!

Two weeks in since I haven't found a solution to the problem I'm faced with dealing with Sprint customer service rep's and chat line. I have been getting the run around and disconnected while being placed on hold. The issue I have is dealing with my internet wireless service which I've been paying for with a Android phone line which can pick up WiFi. I have a unlimited service plan with a hefty two year contact which if I decide to cancil will cost me $171.00 I'm told. It's not the cost as much as it is the leading you on to beleave you will get unlemited internet connection which applies to any device rather in be phone, PC and or note book tablet. I say this because I just purchase a Toshiba Thrive note book which picks up WiFi and I tryed to connect my U600 broad band to the USB port and got a green light but it wouldn't work. So I called customer service to find out what to do to pick up my own personal signal because everyone which has a lock code I need a pass code. Real simple, I'll just use my own signal OK. Wrong; they want to charge me for another connection on my new device which is $30.00 more dollar's tack on to my bill of $159.00 already. I just got that bill dropt from $193.00 which caused me to give up my land line calls. I haven't heard anything from Sprint since I've been writting them about trying to get internet connection for my Toshiba Thrive note pad. I guss I'll wait untile my contract is up for renewal and cancil them all together. I just don't know what to do next. But I'll call Clear or Verizen an get some quotes.


To whom it may concern!

You could root your Android phone and use it as a Hot Spot for free.

Sprint frowns on this maneuver but I have heard of it being done.

You might want to start looking here:


To whom it may concern!

If I understand you have a U600 USB mobile broadband connection card and an Android phone that has the hotspot capability. You don't state how much internet access you need and there is a lot of difference in peoples usage patterns. You can get the hotspot for 29.99 on your Android or you can get 12gb for 79.99 with your U600. Do you need to have both of these devices?

If you have the U600 do you need the hotspot connectivity for your phone? Please answer and I will monitor your reply


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