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UPDATED TODAY: Sprint network fails again. Huge number of customers effected. Major disappointment: outages in Voice, 4G and now even 3G! Many cities including Dallas Fort Worth Austin Houston San Antonio...


UPDATED TODAY: Sprint network fails again. Huge number of customers effected. Major disappointment: outages in Voice, 4G and now even 3G! Many cities including Dallas Fort Worth Austin Houston San Antonio...

Sprint having a major 4G & 3G slow down/outage in Dallas areas?

So ever since 30th of October2010, the Sprint network in Dallas and north Dallas has been slowed down to a crawl. My friends and I have called Sprint many times and spent so many hours on the phone with the Advanced Tech Support teams, engineers, supervisers, etc. The problem continues to be extremely slow download and upload speeds with extremely high latency. At the same locations where we used to get 3-7mbps download speeds, we are now getting 1.3 kbps speeds!!! THAT"S EVEN SLOWER THAN DIAL-UP!!! We tested dozens of devices, EVO, and Epic and the results are the same. Even tested Sorint's own devices at their own stores (EVO and Epic) and got the same results in this area. After weeks of calling, Sprint has opened ticket with ClearWire and the problem still is not fixed. Although in the first few months the speed was good, now it is absolutely horrible. So we were wondering if other people are experiencing the same around here?

Just for the kicks, here is a portion of our speed tests and the super SLOW speed we are getting:






Notice the speeds are in kbps. We used to get speeds of 3-7 mbps but for the past few weeks, we have been getting basically slower connection than dial-up. We'll update this post IF and WHEN sprint fixes the issue. SO FAR NO LUCK 😞

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I dont know whats going on but I live in the DFW area and am having the same issues as you are and its been happening since then end of October.

Multiple calls, threads, attempts to find out anything have been unsuccessful and Sprint is doing absolutely nothing.  Ive been online with tech support, taken my phone in for testing and everyone at Sprint either says they dont know of any problems or any slow down are due to software I downloaded on my phone.

I have created threads requesting info from sprint and no one responds.

My data connection is so randomly whacky I cant use it.  Im very frustrated and dont know what to do.

Ive considered writing an email to Dan Hess, the BBB.  I think I will just cancel my service, eat the ETF, sell my EVO on eBay, and go get quality service from Verizon.  Sure Verizon will screw me on rates but at least they have decent service and their customer support will actually make an attempt to help you.

I dont know what is going on at Sprint but this company is proving why they have a reputation as the worst of the major carriers.

If your a sprint admin reading this please take some time to actually respond to our concerns and dont give us some blanket bs statement of your sorry and the issue is being looked into.  Take the time to figure out what the heck is going on and let us know some helpful information.


Glad to see I'm not the only one miffed about this.  I, along with a coworker who also has an EVO, have noticed terrible download speeds which seem to correlate with the same timeframe that is mentioned here.   I've gotten anywhere from 47 kbps DL to 336 kbps on speed tests over the last couple of weeks here at my office near downtown Dallas.  I bought the phone around the 1st of October and was averaging around 1000 kbps.  I guess I expected better.  Not sure what has happened but not at all happy anymore.  I switched from a rooted G1 w/ T-Mobile which would've run circles around this EVO. 

Like the other poster mentioned I'm considering going back to T-Mobile if/when they get the Nexus S.


@ CKNOBMAN, sorry to hear that you are in this mess too. the problem is network related; it is not your phone at all. We have tested dozens of EVO and Epic phones in this area and they all show the same extreme slow speeds. A simple way to find out that it is not your phone is that you can go to any sprint store and run speed test on THEIR phones: EVO and Epic on the counter. Make sure the WiFi is off so that it is only using 4G/3G. There are many apps on the market you can use to test the speed. Sprint's advanced tech support uses "" but we prefer "" because it has an app in the android market and the app allows you to save detailed results of your tests such as locations, up/down stream speed, latency, time, in/out IP address and best of all, it can export all of those data points for all of your tests in and excel format. Of course, when we offered all of this as proof to sprint, they still did not take it.

The issue with the extremely slow coverage and frequent outages is very bad. To give you an example, here is what the supervisor of sprint advanced tech support in Texas found out when he ran a test for quality of their network in Dallas:

When measuring the quality of the data connectivity, a percentage is used to show the quality of that data connection. In order for the data connection to have acceptable quality, it has to rate between 98% - 100%. According to their supervisor, anything bellow 97% would simply not allow for a reliable connection and therefore the data connection will be useless since there would be too much loss of data in it. So, when he ran the quality tests and looked at the historical data logs from the towers in Dallas dating back all the way to October 30th, he found that these towers, most of the times, were performing at 60% quality!!! He basically said that means no coverage in 4G speeds, not even fast 3G, not even 3G!!! That's why we get dial-up connection quality and horrible speeds FOR WHICH WE PAY A PREMIUM!!!

It is also noteworthy that even after knowing all of this, sprint has done nothing so far to fix the issue. And since the 4G is offered to sprint by ClearWire, they are sitting on their hands to see what ClearWire will say. It is hard to imagine a company would allow this type of outage to continue for so long in such a major metro area and still not resolve it.

One other observation that we made is that without an exception, every sprint employee asks that when we receive a survey call to rate their service on our CTMS ticket, to reply to the question of "if our issue was resolved" by saying "we don't' know" instead of "NO".  LOL, so we look at our phones, we have no connection, and they want us to say "we don't know" if there is a connection of not  when we clearly know that the issue has not been fixed. They just want to make sure they are not getting bad review. We have even had supervisors call us to beg for the same rating.  Well, bad service will get bad evaluation. So, when sprint survey system calls, give them a truthful assessment of how the issue has NOT been resolved. NO means NO!

We will update this once we hear back from sprint but so far after literally dozens of hours of conversation with all levels of support AND network engineers, they have failed to address the issue.

Ever heard the phrase, "failure is not an option"? Well, seems like with Sprint, Failure Is An Option!


Wow thank you for the information.

I wonder if there is a way I can leverage this problem (since it does not appear to be anything Sprint is concerned enough about to fix or even acknowledge) as a way to get out of my contract without paying a ETF?

I guess I will read the fine print on my contract and see if there is a loophole, maybe call and talk to enough management that I can get someone to agree to waive the fee, or try a lawyer.

I dont want something for free I just want my service to work.  Since its starting to seem like that isnt going to happen I dont want to continue to pay for service I am not recieving.


Here is the latest update, the extremely slow connection on both 3G and 4G continues in this region. The advanced network outage ticket that we had opened was automatically closed by sprint network engineering group. They claimed there was no problem at all. So we had to get a new ticket open yet again; so far we have had to open multiple sprint and clearwire tickets. If only this time they actually would do their job but we seriously doubt that. It is extremely frustrating that after dozens of hours of talking to all advanced levels of tech support and engineering, etc. we received yet another voicemail trying to ask us to explain what the problem is. Big fail there yet again. To test the speeds, we went to sprint stores yesterday and the same problem exisits on their devices (EVO, Epic) on their counter too.

One point we found out was that when engineering team kicks out the tickets and denies there is any issue, it helps if other people post here and voice their concern too. This way the tech support floor managers and supervisors see that the problem is effecting multiple people.

So it would be helpful if other sprint outage "victims" in this area also write on this thread. We shared this thread link address with tech/ticketing support managers so that they can see we all have been effected by this issue. So if you are reading this area and have this problem, do write a reply to raise awareness. It will help.

@ CKNOBMAN,  at this point, all of those options are on the table. We  are going into the Thanksgiving holiday and the problem still exists!!!

Will keep you posted with updates.


Sprint's 4G promotional ads claim average speeds of 3 to 6 mbps and peak speeds of 10 mbps.  My experience (both EVO and U301) in Austin, Tx is no where near these claims -- typically below 0.5 mbps.

Perhaps, it's time for a class action lawsuit.  Any law firms out there that would like to make a few bucks?


Sprint 4G in Dallas area goes down hard.

So here is the update: The "degradation" / outage issues continue. After several fumbling by Sprint and ClearWire by closing unresolved tickets, we have yet again opened tickets with Sprint for 3G outage, AND with Sprint and ClearWire for 4G outage. 3G outage ticket has been accepted! Imagine that, a month of outage and "oh, yes, they finally accepted that there is a problem!" but no resolution.

As for 4G outage, Sunday morning, yes, Sunday early morning we got a call from Sprint requesting that we would collect a lot of technical information from other user's devices around us and provide it to Sprint OR else, Sprint and ClearWire would close the ticket. Imagine that, they are asking us to call other people who are NOT on our account and ask them to navigate through a lot of technical screens to gather information for sprint and then we call sprint to provide that information. We said NO! we are not on sprint payroll, that is not our job to do their work. That was an amazing moment on the phone when the rep kept insisting that we would take that responsibility. Then they asked us to give them the contact information for the people who are having problems. MAJOR PRIVACY VIOLATION to which we also said NO!!! Instead, we suggested that sprint should call their local stores and capture that information from their devices on the counter. After all, we had already gone and ran our tests on sprint devices in those stores. So what did sprint rep say in reply to this suggestion, and we quote verbatim: "I can try to call our store, but they usually don't pick up!" That statement alone shows how there are so many things wrong here. One is that instead of saying they can "try" they should have said, yes sir, that they will call, that they will gather that information and that they will provide it to ClearWire and get this fixed right away. Also, by saying that, they are also admitting that their stores provide extremely poor customer service and brand experience. They know that their stores do not even answer the phone to talk to people. Go excellent customer satisfaction!!!

So anyways, after all that, we thought they would get their act together and we would see progress today. You know, when the network quality is so degraded that the download speeds are now between 0-1 kbps!!! Next thing we know, the entire 4G coverage has gone down. The poor 4G icons are not even showing up in the status bar! Well done!!!

And ironic it is that when we came back to this forum to post, it asked us to log-in (which is fine) with the caption: sign-in to see the Magic!!!

If this is magic, can we please have a little less of their magic, pixy dust and a bit more of say normalcy, you know, like having actual coverage for the services and products for which all of us are paying MANDATORY premium every day of the month?

This also shows how not only there is extremely poor communication within the sprint enterprise, is also exposes the frightening lack of well ironed out and efficient processes with their outsourced 4G coverage provider, namely ClearWire. According to yet another one of sprint sr. support managers, both theirs and ClearWire engineering teams reject tickets because they don't want to deal with them. We think the bigger problem is that the quality tests that sprint and ClearWire have put in place for monitoring the network are not looking into the quality of the bandwidth, they are looking at the number of dropped connections. So if 1,000,000 people connect to their towers and they are all getting crawling speeds of 1 kbps, sprint and ClearWire would not see any red flag because the threshold of the 4% dropped connection is not reached. Talk about mal-designed quality test and mis-focused audits. Anyways...

If you read this and are in the same area, please post your acknowledgement of the outage here so sprint can see there are many people effected. We have even offered sprint and ClearWire to send their local engineers to this area and we will gladly "walk" with them and run tests so they can observe this horrible situation. The smartphones especially EVO and Epic are designed with constant access to the cloud in mind. When there is no cloud coverage, these devices spent a lot of processing power trying to locate, connect and communicate with the cloud but since that cloud coverage has vanished, the devices are now overly consumed with that search for the cloud. Sure, we can turn off 3G and 4G functions on the device, but if we wanted to do that, we would just hold a brick in our hands, oh and bricks don't have a premium service charge.

At the time of writing this update, sprint 4G is still completely down and the 3G is grayed out.

So continues the chaos with no end in sight, we mean, according to sprint management, no estimated time of resolution. 


Thanks so much Evo4GHere for all the work you have put into this.  I find it very disturbing that Sprint is so unaware of their own network issues and I find it alarming that no one wants to do anything about it.  Just look at the lack of Sprint Admins posting on this thread (and entire forum)!!!

I can acknowledge the problem in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for both 3g and 4g.  I am a Sprint EVO owner.

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i've talked to a couple of support agents in the last few days, they seem to be aware that there is a problem... both times have asked me to give it 24 hours and it should be back up.  its really a shame too, when this service works, its truly amazing.


I have been having the same problem here in pipe creek close to san antonio slow down loads fast uploads  even though i live near san antonio my air connects through dallas.I am thinking about cancelling .Come On sprint help us


I am in Salt Lake City, Utah area and have the same problem with 4G.  the last month has been total crap (don't put stars where i say c r a p... it makes it look like i'm saying $ h i t).  I use to get 3-4.5 mbps, now i get anywhere from 1 (one) - 300 kbps!   slower than 3G which is typically 300-600kbps.  Occasionally disconnecting from 4G and reconnecting multiple times i can get 1-2 mpbs for a few minutes but that's it.  I left Tmobile to get on Sprint and charged 10$ extra a month for "premium" data.  If it doesn't get fixed, I'll be leaving sprint for good.  To think, I thought Tmobile was bad, but i never had data issues with them.

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